Partner Day! MetCon/Cardio 3 RFT 50/35 Cal Row 40 V-Ups 30 Down Ups *Partner 1 can only work on one part while the other partner is holding themselves from the pullup bar or in a support position on the rings… Read more »


Strength/MetCon For Time (Divide as Needed) 100 Stepup (24/20) 50 AmSw (24/16) 50 Pushup 100 WB (20/14) 50 Pushup 50 AmSw (24/16) 100 Reverse Lunges *30min Cap Optional BuyOut “Push & Pull”


Happy Saturday! Building mental toughness with friends! Cardio 5 RFR (Each) 250m Row (P1) ME Thruster (P2)* *95/65 *Cannot thruster until partner is rowing *14min cap Optional BuyOut “Biceps + Triceps + Holiday Inn”


All the strength building!   Strength/MetCon 4ea RFR 500m Row 15 DB Strict Press (Moderate) ME Strict Pullup *IGYG full rounds *Score = total number of pullup reps** **Pick a challenging pullup option Optional BuyOut “Roped”