Your Brain is Sabotaging Your Goals

Your Brain is Sabotaging Your Goals     Tell me if you’re experiencing this at this very moment… Waking up early and doing something for your goals is getting tough It’s becoming easier to go sit on your couch after… Read more »

Programming for Week (Nov 11 – 16)

🚨Programming for Week of Nov 11th – 16th🚨   👽 Jessica has some special stuff planned for our IHCF family coming up over the next 1.5 months! Keep an eye out for FB Events, in-house signup sheets, and emails!  … Read more »

Programming for the Week

🚨Programming for Nov 4th to 9th🚨   ⚡️Remember this Saturday, from 9am to 11am, is going to be 20.5 AND our “Your Generations” themed workout!   Come in your best representation of your generation, whatever generation that is, and let’s… Read more »