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CrossFit Programming – Week of February 24th, 2020

CrossFit Programming – Week of Feb 24, 2020     Monday Snatch 15 minutes Build to Heavy Snatch + Hang Snatch “Escape From Tarkov” For Time 21-15-9 Squat Snatch 95/65 GHD Situps Tuesday “Shrink Wrapped” For Total Reps/Cals At 0:00 & 14:00 6 min AMRAP 1k/800m Row      In remaining time AMRAP Ring Pushups 

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5 Rules to Start Strength Training

Why Should You Strength Train & 5 Rules to Start My response is, “why are you not strength training?”  But that doesn’t really get anybody anywhere. How about a list of the things we usually hear which people ACTUALLY care about: Improve the strength of your bones, your tendons, and

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Strength/Cardio E2MOM x 8 30 DUs 1 SqSn + 2 HSqSn *Score = weight *Must hang onto bar thru all 3 reps for weight to count *Retest from 5/10/19 Optional BuyOut “Evil Bear”

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Strength/MetCon For Time (Each) 2 Rounds 80 DU 4 PSn (135/95) At 7min, 3 Rounds 50 DU 8 PCl (135/95) At 14min 4 Rounds 35 DU 12 DL (135/95) *Record each finish time *1DU = 1SU Optional BuyOut “Bi’s + Tri’s + Holiday Inn”

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Front squats then front squats! Strength 5-4-3-2 FSQ *Ascend in weight as appropriate Then AMRAP 15 10 FSQ (115/80) 8 Burpee Pullup Optional BuyOut “Gun Show”

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Stay snatchy my friends! Strength/MetCon For Time 120 PSn (95/65) *EMOM = 5 synchro ASQ *14min Cap Optional BuyOut “The Finisher”

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Cardio LM AMRAP 15 1000m Row** Rest until 5min then, Push Press (95/65)* Pullup* 15 ASQ *5ea, 10ea, 15ea, etc. *Score = rounds + reps of second part **Scale distance to get done around 4min mark Optional BuyOut “Recovery Bike”

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Building super engines today!  MetCon LM 5 RFT 200m Run 8 PCl&J* 25 Situps 1min Rest *Ascend in weight each round *Scores = weight and time Optional BuyOut “Gymnasty v2”

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Strength/MetCon 10 RFT 3 C&J (155/110) 5 Pullups Rx+ = C2B *10min Cap *Retest from 6/5/18 Optional BuyOut “Body Armor v6”

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Strength/MetCon 5 RFT 5 PSn (155/110) 5 OHS (155/110) 7ea Deadbug 1min Rest PSn = 30sec, OHS = 30sec, DB = 1min Optional BuyOut “Single Leg”

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