CrossFit Programming – Week of Feb 3rd, 2020

CrossFit Programming – Week of Feb 3, 2020     Monday “Stuffed Animals” For Total Work Time 5 Rounds 30 Doubleunders 10 Power Snatch 75/55 At 12:00 5 Rounds 30 Doubleunders 10 Power Snatch 75/55   Tuesday “Cookie Dough” For Total… Read more »

CrossFit Programming – Week of December 30th, 2019

🚨Programming for Week of Dec 30th🚨     Reminder:  Only the BROWN Levels are shown Also, starting January 1st, 2020, we are making the programming changes we alluded to in our “What’s Coming in 2020” blog!  It’s for the better!… Read more »

What Shoes Should I Wear?

What Shoes Should I Wear? You’ve started CrossFit so you need a CrossFit shoe, right?  Maybe a basketball shoe?  A weightlifting shoe but they look so weird.  What about a minimalist shoe? “I don’t know what to do from here…”… Read more »

More is Not Better. Better is Better.

More is Not Better.  Better is Better In an effort to glean the most out of what you’re doing with your training you might think, “let’s do a 2 a day or a 3 a day.”  Especially considering the fact… Read more »

Programming for the Week (10/21 to 10/26)

🚨Programming for Oct 21st to Oct 26th🚨   🦄We are well into the CFG Open, here. For those of you registered and competing with it, continue to have fun with it! This is a time for growth and fun!  … Read more »

Everything is Everything

Everything is Everything Do you remember back in grade school when you used to get Gold Stars?  When you’d get high fives?  When you would be named the teacher’s assistant (thought I was going to say pet, didn’t you?)?  When… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 181215

12Days Of X-Mas For Time 1 Rope Climb 2 SqSn (95/65) 3 BMU 4 Burpees 5 HPCL(95/65) 6 DL (95/65) 7 V-ups 8 Push ups 9 Russian Swings (24/16) 10 Thrusters (95/65) 11 C2B 12 Pistols each   Optional Buy… Read more »