Let’s Play – 151108

Captain Poop Face says let’s have some fun today!  Not everyday needs to be hard training…   Remember, IHCF Family: This Saturday marks the start of the 7:30am time slot that we are doing our Functional Movement Screenings.  Each athlete… Read more »

It’s a dumbbell kind of day… – 150918

Can you say “goals?”  Well, there might be another “train” in there somewhere…   Today [Friday] is the second and last FREE Guest Day.  So if you want to jump in and not miss out on trying CrossFit for FREE…. Read more »

Push, pull, abs – 150917

Come on in and try CrossFit for FREE for the next two days (today [17th] and tomorrow [18th]).   Why do people have so much success with CrossFit? We get in here, struggle, and succeed as a group.  We have… Read more »

Guest Days are here!

What is this “Guest Days?”   Well, it’s the 17th and 18th of this month (September). …it’ll cost you nothing and you are welcome to come to any regularly scheduled classes: Thursday (the 17th):  5:30am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm… Read more »

Free, baby! Free!

Baby?  I meant Bootcamp.  FREE Bootcamp?! Bring up that butt!  Flatten them abs!  This is your fast track to opening up that world of looking and feeling better!   Time/Days:  Starting the first Sunday of June, Iron Hero CrossFit is… Read more »