power snatches

CrossFit WOD- 180912

Swolverines (6am) doing what swolverines do…   5RM Hang Squat Snatch *must be unbroken for weight to count Then For Reps Tabata Power Snatch (75/55) *Score= total reps   “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” –W…. Read more »

CrossFit WOD- 180117

Ability to catch air certainly helps with DU work.   For Total Reps 2 min ME ASQ 3 min rest 2 min ME Power Snatch (95/65) 3 min rest 2 min ME DUs *Score is total Reps   “It’s not whether you… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 161111

Happy Veteran’s Day!   Find a veteran.  Thank them.  Find someone who is currently serving.  Thank them. Maybe it’s someone you know.  Perhaps it’s not.  Thank them, anyway.   It is because of these people that we have the ability… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160719

Waddle the night away!   MetCon 5 RFT   5 Power Snatches (135/95) 250m Row or 200m Shuttle Run (2 x 100m)   *12min Cap    

CrossFit WOD – 160611

Using movements patterns and correcting movement patterns is an important piece to making someone fully functional and safe with anything active.  But what about if you sit all day?   Strength/Skill EMOM x 10 1 Heavy Pullup   MetCon For… Read more »

CFG Open WOD 16.3

Let’s have some fun with 16.3 today, folks!   CFG Open WOD 16.3 7min AMRAP 10 Snatches (75/55) 3 Bar Muscle Ups   *Scaled = 45/35 on weights and jumping c2b pullups   Bar muscle ups?  What?!

CrossFit WOD – 160305

Snow and snatches! Hopefully no more of the former…   WOD EMOM X 20min   Even: 4 TNG Power Snatches (AHAP) Odd: 12 Wallballs (20/14)   *Score is weight in the snatches   Great weather! Enjoy it!

“Isabel” – 151216

Way to work, my man!  Way to work!   It’s that time again:  time to knock out another of the girl WODs. If you haven’t done this one yet, make sure you get in here.  If you have done this… Read more »

EMOM – 151118

This is not just a picture of a car hiding from hail, this is an illustration of something…   This picture may not be a perfect representation of the principle of committing to the skill/movement, but here’s why it reminded… Read more »

Thursday AMRAP – 151008

Tony, Jen, Brittany, and Sean working on “Isabel.”   It does seem that we are doing some more power movements and skills related movements this month, eh? Well, you ain’t seeing things. Yes, in CrossFit we are meant to put things… Read more »