CrossFit WOD- 171113

Best way to fight Monday blues? A fun benchmark wod, of course!   “Fight Gone Bad” 3RFR WB (20/14) SDHP (75/55) Box Jump (20″) Push Press (75/55) Cal Row Rest *1min ea, count total reps   “Maybe everything’s gotta break… Read more »

Fight Gone Bad – 151209

Wall Balls!  Yay, wall balls!   A lot of people get focused on one element of the clean and the snatch (and the jerk, for that matter) in being able to move big weight. What is it? It’s spending too… Read more »

“FGB” – 150924

Oh, “Karen.”   Today is light. Tomorrow is going to be a little heavier. Be prepared…   …though today is a Benchmark workout and scores on the leaderboard are up for grabs!  Let’s see some high numbers!   MetCon Fight… Read more »