For you…

What do I mean, “for you?”  Welp, better health and better results don’t hurt, huh?   SFH.  Stronger.  Faster.  Healthier. Seems to make sense… What have we got for you? Pure Whey Protein?  Yes. Omega-3 Oil with an added 1000IU’s… Read more »

CrossFit Changed My Life (pt 3)…

“…I realized that I was proud of myself and that I SHOULD BE proud of myself!”   We have been fortunate in that the people we work with have completely immerse themselves in the lifestyle.  Due to this, they have seen… Read more »

“I feel like I’ve just started my life…”

CrossFit changed my life (pt 2)…   Check this out to hear about how big of an impact the power of community and the power of CrossFit training has for this woman.   Ask yourself if there’s something that you want… Read more »

CrossFit Changed My Life (pt 1)…

8am Saturday working on their pulling power.  No crappy posture here, thank you very much!   Here’s an important thing to consider: How has CrossFit changed lives?  Specifically?  Generally? We are going to pull from our bank of experiences working… Read more »

New stuff!

As promised…   We’ve started adding some additional resources for you to the webpage: The beginnings of a nutrition section A dictionary of CrossFit terms if you find that you look at a workout and think “uhh… what…” A Member Login… Read more »