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known as the Battle of Roberts Ridge, after the first casualty of the battle, Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts. Strength/MetCon With a Partner, “Roberts Ridge” 10 C&J (185/115) 20 AmSw (32/24) 30 Th (95/65) 40 C2B 50 Burpee Over Bar 60 WB (20/14) 70/50 Cal Row *30min cap

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All the Kettlebell things! Strength/MetCon 4 RFT 5x 2-Bell Swing 5x 2-Bell Clean 5x 2-Bell PPress 5x 2-Bell FSQ 5x 2-Bell Thruster 1min Rest *2min per round + 1min rest Optional BuyOut “Body Armor v6”

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Word of the day is STABILIZE!   MetCon AMRAP 7 5 KB Bear Complex (Heavy)* 10 Hollow Rocks *Swing, clean, FSQ, push press, thruster Optional BuyOut “The Pump”

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Strength/MetCon 10 RFT 3 C&J (155/110) 5 Pullups Rx+ = C2B *10min Cap *Retest from 6/5/18 Optional BuyOut “Body Armor v6”

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Stay snatchy and jerky (not in mean way) my friends 🙂   Strength EMOMx8 1 SqSn *Score = Weight Transition EMOMx8 1 SqCl&J *Score = Weight Optional BuyOut “10min ‘JT’”

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Lifting…It’s the best day ever! Strength EMOM x 15 1 SqCl + Jerk (185/130) *Retest 10/4/18 Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v2”

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Grace x2, but heavier and with burpees…what!?  that is awesome 🙂 Really it is! Strength/MetCon For Time 60 C&J (185/130) *E2MOM = burpees including “0” (start @ 2 and progressive by 2’s) *18min Cap Optional BuyOut “Show & Go”

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Lifting ALL the weights today! Strength 5RM Hang Squat Clean *Attempts must be unbroken Optional BuyOut “Dat Plank Doe”

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Before Isabel and Grace, there was Gwen.   Strength “Gwen” 15-12-9 C&J For Load *Sets must be unbroken *Performed E4MOM *Any C&J *Score = weight at each rep range Optional BuyOut “Push & Pull”

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Thrusters…….Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!   Strength/MetCon 18-15-12 HPCl (95/65) Thruster (95/65) *HPCl = 1:30, 1:30, 1min *Th = 2min, 2min, 1:30 *STRETCH DAY TODAY Optional Buy Out “Body Armor V1”

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